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Good Customers

thank you notesWe all demand good (or even excellent) customer service – we expect it every day and in every theatre of life from barista to bank manager.  But ask yourself, do service-providers deserve good customers?  I’m sure they do but I asked myself:

What makes a good Customer?

I am sure everyone has their own list – and to prove that they do, I asked a number of costume makers, designers and artists the same question and I outline the general theme of their responses below.  But for the record, here is what I came up with.

A good customer is someone who knows what she wants but isn’t asking for the impossible.  They accept that a deposit is not an irrational demand and nor is a realistic timescale.  They are also open to ideas and are clear in their instructions.  They don’t wriggle or slouch during fittings and don’t lie about measurements or delude themselves about clothes sizes.  A good client also enters into discussion and does not give you free reign with airy remarks like ‘oh, I trust you’, and then criticises every stitch thereafter.  A good customer does not sell your outfit second-hand at price more than she paid you!

These comments might seem jaded but come as examples from my background of nearly 30 years sewing for other people from brides to belly dancers.  But in case you think I hate all my clients let me add that I have also learned:

A good client is one who says thank you!  She sends thank you cards and uses social media to tell other people how pleased she is.  When she dances in one of my creations she shares pictures with me so I can see (I don’t expect them to name me or tag me but that is lovely too) and share the fun.  A good customer also says “Hi” at haflas and comes and chats and talks to me about dance and what did or did not work in a costume.  A good customer tells me what she’d like to see in my collections (more sleeves, less frills?).  A good customer comes and tries on stuff just for the hell of it so we can see how things look on real dancers.  A good customer returns.

So what did other people list as essentials in a good client?

A good client:

  • is one that comes to you because of your designs
  • understands the conditions in which you are willing to work…
  • stands still while I’m measuring/pinning
  • doesn’t diet between fittings. Lol!
  • Someone who knows what they want,
  • Agrees mutual timescale, and not want it in three days time.
  • Someone who gives correct sizes or lets me measure them myself!
  • Trusts me
  • Pays up front or on time, waits patiently, says thank you, then leaves a good review (optional)

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