I *heart* Valentines

You gotta love hearts!

We’re all tired of the ‘Keep Calm’ poster, bed linen, mugs etc. etc., that flooded the market a couple of years back.  We’re probably also tired of the I *heart* messages that adorn t-shorts and every product known to man.  But love it or hate it, the heart is a fabulous shorthand for those things we like or love.

We can expect to be swamped with pink or red hearts from Mid January until the dreaded 14th of Feb!


Now, you may not ‘heart’ Valentine’s Day, you may be one of the ‘bah humbug!’ school of valentine’s day critics who feel it’s just a commercial bandwagon that people have jumped onto.  That may be true, but just so you know, if you want to be my friend you can easily buy my affection with a chocolate shaped heart!

After 30 odd years of marriage I am sorry to say that Valentine’s Day comes and goes in this house without notice or action.  Shame! I hear you cry.  But 30 odd years of togetherness denotes a certain degree of affection and devotion in and of themselves – that degree of commitment rather outshines a heart-shaped balloon on a stick, to be honest.

Be my Valentine

I was astonished some years ago to find out (when reading excerpts of Pepys diaries) that we’ve rather lost the point of Valentine’s Day.  We come closest to it when we buy a card that says ‘Be my Valentine’, because that’s what it used to be about.  It wasn’t that someone gave you a gift or love token, it was that for that whole day, they were your Valentine and you could ‘step out’ with them and have a day together with no aftermath.  You could leave all normal life behind and have a holiday.

That would be nice, don’t you think? That, once a year, we could have a brief taste of forbidden love.  We could spend a day with someone new and experience those first heady days of a romance.

Of course, no one may flock to your front door and you may spend the day miserable and cursing, but wouldn’t it be nice if someone, not your regular beau, elected to spend the day with you in flirtatious acts and happy fondness?  It would be great if they were tall, dark and handsome (insert your choice of descriptive terms here), but the likelihood of Richard Gere, Cluney or Statham turning up on the door step is remote, but a girl can dream.  But with my luck it will be Pratt.  And I don’t mean Chris.

Happy Valentine’s day, Folks, have a good one!  Maybe even go find a good one!