New ideas


Funky leggings

New ideas – we all have them!

One of my most successful ideas of late has been leggings!  Since I struggle to find a good fitting pair of leggings I assumed that making them would be a trial too – but no, they were a snap and I loved doing them.  Moreover, other people (customers!) liked them too!

It began when I was enchanted by some fabric  that was a collage of women’s faces and called something vague like ‘beautiful ladies’.  It came in two colour options and it seemed that one or two of said ‘beautiful ladies’ looked a bit like Dina Belly Dancer and I thought it would be good for funky dance leggings.  I got a few meters of each, made some leggings and they got quite a bit of interest.  Hurrah!  I took them to an event and women went mad for them!  I Sold out of the gold coloured ones in a few minutes.

Now, it turns out that, as I sewed, I had more time to observe the fabric up close and realised that these ‘beautiful ladies’ were actually rather pouty, bosomy, breast-clutching bimbettes…… I renamed it ‘Japanese porn stars’ in a fit of honesty.  Amused clients were even keener to buy!  Belly dancers are weird that way.

I also found some rather fun fabric called ‘Quadraphenia’ which I loved.  Clients loved it less so, it seemed, largely because it has quite a thick feel to it.  I can wait, come the cold weather there will be dancers begging me for thicker, warmer leggings for classes as they stand shivering in draughty church halls!

Bigger ideas

Another something I worked on was some two-piece sets comprising a short-sleeved crop top and a little skirt-type hip belt.  Depending on the woman who wore them they were super cute – the proportions of a petite lady seems to be a winner.  They work well with contrast trim and self coloured trim alike.  I liked them and so did a couple of ladies.  However, they don’t have ‘hanger appeal’ and people don’t recognise them for what they are when they find them on the rail.  But that’s life.  Recently I see that Farida Dance are selling similar things (but with cold shoulder tops) and they too are very cute and flirty – fab classwear.  I think they are going to be very popular.  This must be one of the few moments in my life when I was ahead of the fashion curve!  Who’d have thought it!  I mention this only for the fact that if you do come and peruse my rails and find my two-piece classwear sets, I haven’t copied Farida Dance these are mine!

3-piece set blue
blue classwear 3-piece set
3-piece set
3 piece set in yellow

3-piece suits?

So, leggings, two-pieces, what next?  Well, to be honest, I combined them and came up with 3-piece classwear sets of tops, belts and leggings!  One piece is good, two is better, three is fabulous!