As much as I like to dance, I like to share it with others.  I am happy dealing with small or large audiences or groups and particularly enjoy showing the dance to people who have never seen it before.  Contact me for details of forthcoming workshops or prices if you are wanting a workshop delivered.

Workshops for Dancers:

“Talking about belly-dancing

A workshop for dancers who have been asked to put on a talk but don’t know where to start! This workshop will help you to structure your talk and get the best out of your performance skills.


 Own that Stage”:

A confidence-boosting session for dancers, to feel confident about taking that first step onto a solo stage, offering real and constructive tools.


 “Enta Omri – You are my life”

Om Kolthoum

Om Kolthoum

A workshop exploring the depths and meaning of this iconic song.  Is it really as sad as it sounds?  We also look a little at the woman who became famous for it.








“How to sew belly dance costumes”

Sewing costumes
Sewing costumes


A workshop full of tips and sage advice on making basic bellydance costumes.  How to avoid pitfalls, get a great fit and give it that professional edge.




 Workshops for Non Dancers:

“Team Building

This workshop is a creative session that explores confidence and trust levels and offers participants the chance to develop communications skills. This fun, challenging, learning experience, isn’t just about jiggling wobbly bits, it’s about mapping, planning, listening, contributing, creating and performing. It is an ideal workshop for team-building and makes a real change from the usual, muddy, male-oriented options.


“Hen Nights”

Hen Night Fun

Hen Night Fun

A girly, giggly fun night to learn a few basic moves before hitting the dance floor to really sway like papyrus and flow like the Nile!


“Beginner’s Belly-dance Creative Session

A fun session designed to learn a little about the dance and to ‘have a go’. Suitable for all ages.